This article will explain if HelloFresh calories are per meal. We will also mention various healthy cooking tips that you can use while cooking your next HelloFresh meal. In addition to this, we will be checking out the best features that are present in HelloFresh. HelloFresh turns daily cooking from a chore to a fun activity.

Are HelloFresh calories per meal?

Ys, HelloFresh calories are per meal. The calories in HelloFresh are not mentioned in calories per se, and are instead mentioned as kilojoules, which is a more scientific term. In addition to the kilojoules of each meal, the fat content, sugar content, percentage of carbohydrates, fats and even levels of sodium are mentioned in the meal kit.

Healthy tips for HelloFresh

HelloFresh meal-kits are certainly meant to be healthy and nutritious for the whole family. There are even specific options for those who are trying to reduce their weight and become healthier. However, there are definitely more ways to cook healthily through HelloFresh meal-kits. Some of these tips have been described in the following section.

By increasing the amount of veggies

While Hello-Fresh does include a good amount of veggies in each meal kit, depending on the type of meal, the amount of vegetables in the meal can be easily increased without skimping out on the flavor and even the authenticity of the dish. This can be useful for especially those who are choosing the Meat and Veggies plan to sort of stretch out the dish.


By using healthy sides

Most meals require sides and some people cannot do with only one plate on the table. Some sides like fries and fritters can be definitely unhealthy, even if the rest of the meal is on the healthy side. One way to increase the nutritional content of the meal is to choose healthy sides like air-fried sweet potato wedges or oven-dried tomatoes.

By reducing the levels of dips

Who does not love a good dip, especially when the meal includes yummy fries or chips? However, dips can be quite fattening and not at all healthy. Dips can also add more calories when offsetting the healthy value of the meal itself. While there are certainly healthy alternatives to dips, it can be wise to skip the dip altogether.

By skipping dessert

This will definitely sound cruel, but desserts do add a ton of calories, especially when your stomach is already full from the meal. The good news is, instead of skipping the dessert you can always choose a healthier version of it. For example, choosing a baked dessert instead of a fried one, or using a natural sweetener like dates instead of sugar.

By splitting the meals

HelloFresh does come with the right serving amount for each person. However, you can still have some more portion control by reducing what you are eating at the moment. The rest of the meal can be saved for much later when you feel hungry again. This can also be great to keep inducing metabolism in the body to burn more calories.

While eating the meal, the person should also remember that timing is the key for health. If the meal is eaten at an earlier hour, it is bound to bring more benefits to the person. But if the meal is has too late in the day, it can be detrimental to one’s health.

Best features of HelloFresh

HelloFresh has a number of great features that can be useful for anyone who is trying to fit into their old jeans and even those who want to simply become healthier. Some of the best features that are present in HelloFresh, that make it such a popular meal-kit delivery service have been described in the following section.

HelloFresh has many options to choose from

Users of HelloFresh can choose from a variety of options for their meal kits. HelloFresh allows the user to choose from Meat and Veggies, Veggies Only and even Family Friendly meal kits. It also has pescatarian meal-kits for fish lovers. Those who are trying to keep away calories can opt for the calorie-smart meal kits in HelloFresh.

The ingredients can be trusted

HelloFresh uses trustworthy ingredients from only the best and local farms. This is to ensure that the freshness of the ingredients remains intact. In addition to using farm fresh ingredients, HelloFresh relies on a lot of seasonal produce which are not only healthy options but can also be scintillating on the taste buds.

It has gourmet options

HelloFresh has a lot of simple and easy to follow meal kits. In addition to these, there are also gourmet options for those who want to eat Michelin style. These meal kits are a little more on the expensive side as they include more expensive cuts of meat and special ingredients. However, these are just as easy to cook as the other meal kits.

The meals are easy to cook

HelloFresh wants everyone to fall in love with cooking. Each meal kit comes with recipe cards which have very simple and easy instructions that anyone can follow. And thus, even the worst cook on the planet can easily cook up a wonder through the meal-kits in HelloFresh.


This article has explained if HelloFresh calories are per meal. We have also mentioned various healthy cooking tips that you can use while cooking your next HelloFresh meal. In addition to this, we have checked out the best features that are present in HelloFresh.

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