This article will explain how Blue Apron got started. We will also be discussing the various advantages of using the meal-kit delivery services of Blue Apron. Similarly, we will be checking out some of the disadvantages or minus points of using Blue Apron for your meal kits. Blue Apron is one of the oldest meal-kit delivery services in the United States.

How did Blue Apron get started?

Blue Apron got started when Matt Salzberg and Ilia Papas wanted to start a new company that makes the process of cooking cheaper and easier. To get more ideas about food, Salzberg and Papas bought Matt Wadiak on board. Blue Apron was thus born with the trio packaging and shipping the first thirty orders from a commercial kitchen in Long Island City.

The company took off and is now one of the most popular meal-kit delivery services in the United States. In June 2017, Blue Apron went public and is traded under the code name APRN in the New York Stock Exchange.

 Advantages of using Blue Apron

Blue Apron, as a meal-kit delivery service, offers a large library of plus points that customers are bound to enjoy. Some of the advantages of using Blue Apron have been explained in the following points.

Blue Apron can be very economical

The meal kits in Blue Apron can be pretty economical and thus great for those who are cooking on a budget. When the customer signs up for the meal-kit delivery service, they receive a free box as part of the free trial. If they refer others to the service, they also receive boxes. And therefore, Blue Apron can definitely be very profitable for the customer.

It practices sustainability

Blue Apron aims to be as sustainable as possible in all its areas of functioning. For example, this meal-kit delivery service has ensured that at least 85% of its packaging can be easily recycled by anyone. The meat and fish are also sourced through sustainable practices, and thus do not destroy the local ecosystem.

The ingredients are very fresh

The ingredients in the Blue Apron meal kits are very fresh and therefore the customer is assured high quality and taste. Blue Apron works with several family run farms to ensure that the customer receives only the best produce. The meat and eggs come from free-range, injection-free and antibiotic-free birds and animals.

Wine pairings are available

There are also wine pairings available in Blue Apron. The wine pairings are aimed at making the meals more wholesome and delicious. For those who are new to wine and cannot tell a Chardonnay from a Chenin Blanc, Blue Apron gives tons of information related to the wines that can be pretty educational.

Kitchenware is available

Blue Apron sells more than just meal kits. In the market section of Blue Apron, the customer will find a lot of kitchenware that consists of kitchen tools, utensils and other equipment. Electrical appliances for the kitchen can also be found here. In addition to kitchenware, the customer will be able to find spices and seasonings in the pantry section of the Blue Apron market.

It has weight-loss meal kits

Blue Apron has collaborated with Weight-Watchers and has come up with several weight-loss meal kits. These meal kits are restricted in the number of calories but are healthy and nutrient rich at the same time. Furthermore, there is no dearth of taste of flavor in these meal kits and can be motivating for those who are trying to be more health-conscious.

Customers can easily modify their meal kits

The meal kits in Blue Apron can also be easily modified according to the needs and requirements of the customer. The customer can easily swap their ingredients for something else that attracts them. They can also upgrade their ingredients to more premium ones for which they will need to pay extra.

There is a lot of emphasis on learning here

Blue Apron places a lot of emphasis on learning new cooking skills and techniques for its customers. Many customers have in fact, left positive reviews about the kitchen skills taught by the recipe cards in Blue Apron.

Add-ons for meal kits are available

The customer can not only modify their meal-kits according to their taste-buds, but can also bring additional add-ons for their meal kits, in terms of sides and desserts. These are also easy to prepare and can make the meal an entire experience.

Disadvantages of Blue Apron

It is true that Blue Apron has a large number of advantages. However, there are also a few disadvantages that are associated with this meal-kit delivery service, like,

  • The meal kits need to still be cooked by the customer. And thus, they may not be preferred by those who do not know how to cook or those who do not have access to a kitchen.
  • Customers who are very busy may not like all the meal kits in Blue Apron due to the effort and time required in the kitchen. They may only like the Heat & Eat meals that are microwaveable.
  • Some customers have expressed that the produce in the Blue Apron meal kits are not as fresh as how the service claims to be.

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This article has explained how Blue Apron got started. We have also discussed the various advantages of using the meal-kit delivery services of Blue Apron. Similarly, we have also checked out some of the disadvantage or minus points of using Blue Apron for your meal kits.

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