In this post, we will explain how you can add money to your Uber Wallet. We will also discuss the benefits of using digital wallets to make payments in today’s world. Furthermore, we will check out some of the best features that are available in Uber Eats. Food delivery apps like Uber Eats have become an almost permanent part of our daily lives, mainly due to their convenience.

How do I add money to my Uber Wallet?

If you want to add money to your Uber Wallet, you can do so through the steps below.

  • You will need to sign-in to your Uber app and go the ‘Menu’
  • Here, you can tap on the ‘Payment’ option
  • Next, tap on ‘Add Funds’ and choose the amount that you want to add to your Uber Cash
  • And then click on ‘Purchase’ which will lead you to your payment gateway through the payment method that is already present

Benefits of using digital wallets

Digital wallets like Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and Google Pay are becoming increasingly common today. These are pretty popular due to the various advantages that users can experience while using them. Some of the top benefits of using such digital wallets have been explored in the points below.

Digital wallets are a lot safer

The most important reason why digital wallets are becoming all the more popular today is the high levels of safety that users can enjoy here. These digital wallets are encrypted and thus the information of the credit cards and debit cards of the user are stored safely. Since the user does not need to carry their cards or their cash with them, these wallets bring even more safety.

They are very convenient to use

These digital wallets also bring a lot of convenience and comfort to the user. The person does not need to carry a dossier full of cards and passwords with them at all times in order to get access to cash or do their shopping. Instead, a digital wallet also serves a digital secretary which can make things much simpler for the user.

They are appropriate during COVID-19 times

Digital wallets have found their prominence especially after the onset of the pandemic. This is when social distancing was encouraging and physical contact with others, especially strangers, was a big no-no. Digital wallets during COVID-19 times bring plenty of convenience as the person does not need to touch the belongings of someone else and thus are assured of safety.

Users can enjoy cash backs and discounts

Digital wallets often motivate their users to utilize them in the form of cash backs and discounts. These cash backs automatically find their way to the customer’s bank account or can be used as credits. Users of these wallets can also enjoy plenty of discounts and cashbacks which can be very fruitful and beneficial.

They can be very time-saving

Nobody wants to spend too much time on anything today and many people find entering credit card information on shopping websites such a waste of time. However, digital wallets can be a great solution for this as all the card details are already entered and stored in them. And thus, the customer does not need to enter any information and can do their shopping much quicker.

They bring more accountability

Furthermore, digital wallets can bring a lot more accountability to the expenditure of the user as the past payments are easily visible and easily accessible. And thus, through these wallets, the individual can be more frugal in their expenditure.

Best features of Uber Eats

Uber Eats can bring a lot of advantages and benefits to the customer, such as the ones described as follows.

Uber Eats allows pre-ordering

Uber Eats allows its customers to place orders much beforehand in the app. The orders can be placed up to seven days in advance and thus can be great for busy people or those who tend to be forgetful of birthdays and anniversaries. The customer will be notified about the proceedings of the order by means of push notifications.

It has a map feature

Uber Eats also has a map feature through which the customer can pick any location on the map and start exploring the nearby restaurants and eateries. This feature can also be very useful for those who want their food delivered quickly or those who want to do a quick pick-up of their food order.

It allows group orders

Uber Eats has newly introduced a feature for group orders. In this feature, one member of the group can create a group order to which the other members can add items and pay for it individually. The items in the group order arrive at the same time so that the entire group can eat together.


In this post, we have explained how you can add money to your Uber Wallet. We have also discussed the benefits of using digital wallets to make payments in today’s world. Furthermore, we have checked out some of the best features that are available in Uber Eats.

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