This article will answer how many calories are in a Blue Apron meal. We will also list out a few hacks that you can use to cut the extra calories from your meals. Finally, we will be mentioning some of the best meal-kit delivery services available in the market today for those who are trying to lose weight.

How many calories are in a Blue Apron meal?

In a Blue Apron meal, there are 500 to 700 calories. However, this can vary depending on the type of the recipe that the customer is choosing in this meal-kit delivery service and also if they are opting for any add-ons. There are also Weight-Watcher approved meals that are restricted in calories but are delicious and nutrient rich as well.

Calorie-cutting hacks

It can seem like you need to starve yourself for days if you want to shed weight. However, there are numerous hacks that you can use to cut calories on a daily basis without having to sacrifice much. Some amazing calorie-cutting hacks have been showcased in this section.

Drink more water

A great tip that you can use to cut calories from your daily diet is to drink more water and less juice and sodas. Sodas add a ton of empty calories to your body and literally have no nutritional value. One way that you can cut a lot of calories from your day is to drink more water which can keep you refreshed and full until your next meal.

Trim the fat

Another tip that you can use is to trim the fat from your cuts of meat that you buy at the butcher’s. Even if you are opting for leaner cuts of meat, you can easily trim the visible fat in the cut. This can also bring down the calories of the meal while not cutting on the amount of protein in your diet.

Use the 1/4th rule for meat

If you are accustomed to eating meat every day and don’t want to give up your juicy cuts, you can follow the 1/4th rule. According to this rule, only 1/4th of your plate is to be covered by meat. The rest of the plate needs to be covered with veggies and even healthy carbs. This can cut down on the calories while making the meal a whole lot nutritious.

Try portioning

Another tip that you can try is portioning. This means eating half of your meal now and consuming the rest much later. To help in doing this, you can eat the proteins on your plate first which will fill you up nicely and then consume the carbs and greens later. This can also help you avoid being bloated and lethargic after your meal.

Avoid take-out

You can also try avoiding take-out if you are used to eating from restaurants on a regular basis. When you cook at home, you can regulate the ingredients, especially ones like sodium and fat that need to be consumed in moderation. If you are ordering take-out, you can try some healthy alternatives, like thin-crust pizza instead of the usual.

 Use a meal-kit service

Those who are trying to limit their calorie intake will definitely benefit from meal-kit delivery services. There are several meal-kit delivery services in the market now, and some of these especially target weight-loss and calorie counters, like Blue Apron. The great thing about meal-kits is that there is no risk of over-eating as the serving sizes are limited.

Use natural sugars

Sugar can be pretty rich in calories and loses its nutritional value when it is being processed. If you need to use sugar in your meals, you can do so by opting for more natural products, like brown sugars and even ingredients like mashed dates, which can be superb if you are baking something.

Eat your fruits

If we want to cool down with something fruity, we are normally tempted to reach for that nice little juice box in the fridge. However, experts always advise us to eat our fruits rather than drink them as a juice. Firstly, juices that we buy on the outside have a ton of added sugar. Secondly, they lack the fiber that is necessary for sugar control in your bodies.

Best weight-loss meal kit services

If you are looking for meal-kit services that can be great for weight-loss, you will find the following list quite useful.

  • Factor: Factor or Factor 75 delivers fully prepared meals to the customer and thus is a great option for those who do not have much time on their hands. There are multitudes of options that the customer can choose from for their weight loss needs like keto meals, paleo meals and even low-calorie meals.
  • Blue Apron: Most people like Blue Apron as it has a lot of options that are great for weight loss. There are several recipes in this service that have been designed with weight-loss in mind through collaboration with Weight-Watchers.
  • Sunbasket: Sunbasket is also a pretty useful meal-kit service that has various options for different types of diets, all at a very economical price. Sunbasket has recipes even for those who have food allergies.

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This article has answered how many calories are in a Blue Apron meal. We have also listed out a few hacks that you can use to cut the extra calories from your meals. Finally, we have mentioned some of the best meal-kit delivery services available in the market today for those who are trying to lose weight.

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