This article will answer how much HelloFresh paid for Green Chef. We will also be discussing the best features that are present in HelloFresh that make it such a popular meal-kit delivery service. Similarly, we will be checking out the unique features that are present in Green Chef that makes it a great alternative to HelloFresh.

How much did HelloFresh pay for Green Chef?

HelloFresh bought Green Chef for an undisclosed amount in order to bring in more profit for the company. HelloFresh is expecting Green Chef to bring in 15 million US dollars for every quarter to its revenue after the acquisition. While HelloFresh is a day to day meal-kit delivery service, Green Chef is more of an organic and diet-specific delivery service.

Best features in HelloFresh

HelloFresh is the number one meal-kit delivery service in the United States today. This service has a large number of features that can be superbly advantageous and beneficial to the customer. Some of these features have been showcased in the following section.

HelloFresh brings very fresh ingredients

HelloFresh brings only the very best to its customers. In every country of operation, HelloFresh ties up with local vendors and suppliers and thus the meal kits have fresh and seasonal produce in them all year-long. The poultry comes from free-range and injection-free birds, while the meat comes from grass-fed animals.

It has numerous categories

There are several categories for the customer to choose from in HelloFresh. The various categories of meal kits in HelloFresh are Meat and Veggies, Veggies only and even Pescatarian options for seafood lovers. There are also various serving sizes and thus the customer can enjoy their meals as singles, couples or even large families with kids.

There are Low Prep meals here

There are also Low Prep meal-kit options in HelloFresh. These require very little time to be spent in the kitchen by the customer and thus they can finish cooking their meal in no time at all. The ingredients in these meal-kits come already prepared and dressed and only need to be tossed into the utensil and cooked.

There are also microwaveable options

There are also microwaveable options in HelloFresh. These are called Oven Fresh meals and are present in the Easy Eats category of the service. The great thing about these meals is that they can simply be popped into the microwave or the oven and cooked as a unit. This option can be a blessing for those who are coming home after a long day at the office.

The meal kits are packaged very well

The meal kits themselves are packaged very well in HelloFresh. The packaging is insulated and can be stored at room temperature for up to two days without any refrigeration. If the meal kits contain meat, these are vacuum sealed and covered with ice packs. The meal kit itself comes in a Styrofoam container to bring even more freshness into the picture.

Best features of Green Chef

Green Chef stands out from the other meal-kit delivery services as it brings more health and nutrition to the meals and recipes. And thus, Green Chef has become widely popular among those who are very health conscious. Some of the best features of this meal-kit delivery service have been mentioned in the list below.

There are gluten-free meals

Green Chef is definitely one of the few meal-kit delivery services out there that have gluten-free meals. These can be a blessing to those who have celiac disease and thus are allergic to gluten. Gluten is also being avoided by many people as some believe that they can enjoy more health benefits through this method.

The ingredients are organic

The ingredients in Green Chef are completely organic and this is one of the unique selling points of the company itself. The customers of Green Chef are thus, not only promised taste and freshness but also health and safety.

The meals can be cooked easily

The meal-kits in Green Chef can be cooked pretty easily in a very short span of time. The meals are guaranteed to be cooked within 20 minutes easily. However, some customers have felt that the meal-kits take about 40 minutes to prepare entirely.

There are different plans to choose from

There are also various plans that the customer can choose from in Green Chef. For example, those who want to lose weight can go for the Keto or the Paleo meal kits in this service. There is also a Plant-Powered category which uses plant-based proteins. In addition to this, there is also an option for Balanced Living which can be suitable for anyone and everyone.

The service is environment-friendly

Green Chef also promotes itself as an environment-friendly meal-kit delivery service. This means that everything in its packaging can be reused or easily recycled and thus nothing goes to waste. For example, the meal kit comes in corrugated cardboard boxes that can be easily recycled. Even the small amounts of plastic in the meal kits can be recycled.

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This article has answered how much HelloFresh paid for Green Chef. We have also discussed the best features that are present in HelloFresh that make it such a popular meal-kit delivery service. Similarly, we have checked out the unique features that are present in Green Chef that makes it a great alternative to HelloFresh.

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