This blogpost will discuss if Uber Eats is card only. In addition to this, we will check out the various types of fees that customers can expect to pay in Uber Eats. Further down the line, we will be describing the top features that Uber Eats has to offer for its customers and users. Uber Eats is perhaps the most popular food delivery app today and operates across 6 continents.

Is Uber Eats card only?

No, Uber Eats does not only accept credit card and debit card payments, either by swiping or by online banking. In addition to this, the food order in Uber Eats can be paid for through digital wallets like Amazon Pay, Google Pay and even Apple Pay. Customers can also choose to pay through cash and even Uber cash.

Types of fees involved in Uber Eats

Uber Eats has a number of fees that customers will need to pay. Some of the main types of fees that are present in Uber Eats have been described in the following section.

The cost of the food

Of course, the largest bulk of the order subtotal is the cost of the food that has been ordered in Uber Eats. This cost can vary depending on the type of restaurant and also the type of meal that has been ordered. The number of portions that have been ordered can also affect the cost of the food. This can be greatly reduced using the promo codes and offers available in the app.

The tip for the driver

The customer can also choose to tip the delivery person which can further add to the cost. Uber Eats allows the customer to add the tip amount while placing the order itself. In addition to this, they can also tip the delivery person once the order has been delivered. The tip amount can be changed or edited up to 30 days after the order has been delivered to the customer.

The delivery fees

The delivery fees also form a major share of the order subtotal in Uber Eats. This delivery fees depends largely on the location of the customer, the location of the restaurant and even the time of the day in which the order has been placed. Customers who are opting for pick-up from restaurants do not need to pay a delivery fee.

The service fee

A service fee will also have to be paid in every food order. This fee is present in every food delivery app and is the actual cost for using the services of the app. The service fee can vary but is usually 10% of the order subtotal. This service fee is absent for those restaurants who use their own couriers to deliver the food to the customer.

The small order fee

Uber Eats also has a small order fee for those orders which do not cross the minimum threshold. This small order fee can be avoided when the customer chooses to add extra items to their cart. The small order fee is usually $2 when the subtotal is less than $10 and $3 when the order subtotal is less than $15.

The busy fee

There is also a busy fee present in Uber Eats. This busy fee is for those orders which have been placed during peak hours where the demand for food delivery is much higher than the number of available delivery personnel. These peak hours can vary depending on the city but is usually lunch time during weekdays and evening times on weekends.

The delivery adjustment fee

Uber Eats also has a delivery adjustment fee if the customer chooses to change or edit their order once it has been placed. This delivery adjustment fee can depend on the changes that the customer is opting for. This delivery adjustment fee will also be added if the customer decides to change the location to which the food order needs to be delivered.

The cancellation fee

A cancellation fee will be present to the customer if they decide to cancel the food order which has been placed. This is usually after a certain time limit and is meant to compensate the delivery person for their time and effort.

The CA drivers benefit fee

If the customer is a resident of California, they will be required to pay a CA drivers benefit fee. This fee is meant to fund the drivers benefits that were passed by California Proposition 22. These benefits are specifically targeted towards independently contracted delivery personnel with benefits like health stipends and a minimum earnings guarantee.

Top features of Uber Eats

Those customers who are using Uber Eats can find that the app has a large collection of features that can make any food ordering process easy and efficient. Some of these features that make Uber Eats so popular have been described as follows.

  • Uber Eats allows customers to pre-order their food much before time. The food order can be placed up to a week in advance.
  • Uber Eats offers an Uber One subscription with which the customers can experience zero delivery charges, priority delivery and special offers on food orders.
  • The app allows customers to pay through credit cards, debit cards, online banking and even digital wallets. Uber cash can also be used for Uber Eats as well as Uber itself.

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This blogpost has discussed if Uber Eats is card only. In addition to this, we have checked out the various types of fees that customers can expect to pay in Uber Eats. Further down the line, we have described the top features that Uber Eats has to offer for its customers and users.

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