The following blogpost will explain what Grubhub perks are. Furthermore, we will be checking out the main features which are present in Grubhub, which make it such an easy app to use. Finally, we will be listing the best alternatives to Grubhub which offer many similar features, and are present in the market today.

What are Grubhub perks?

Gubhub perks are rewards given by the restaurant partners and the Grubhub app itself to help customers save money and avail other benefits when they use the platform to order food. Some of the most commonly given Grubhub perks are listed as follows.

  • Free food: This is one of the most commonly preferred and commonly given type of perks in Grubhub. This perk will entitle the customer to a free item when they place an order from a certain restaurant. The eligible restaurants will have the Grubhub badge next to them.
  • Free delivery: This is another very common perk that is offered in Grubhub. The free delivery is offered mostly for users who are ordering food on the app for the very first time.
  • Gift cards: Gift cards are another type of Grubhub perk. Some restaurant partners in Grubhub give their customers gift cards which can be redeemed to help them save money when they are placing orders in the food delivery app.
  • Loyalty rewards: Another type of perk in Grubhub is discounts from eligible restaurants. These offers are given to the customer when they place orders regularly from a certain restaurant. In doing so, the customer will receive a certain amount off when they place the next order from Grubhub.

Main features of Grubhub

In addition to the Grubhub perks program, there are a number of great and unique features which are present in this on-demand food delivery app that make it one of the main players in the food delivery industry.

Grubhub offers plenty of options

Customers can easily find a large number of options in Grubhub which can suit not only their taste-buds but even their wallets. Grubhub offers selections from not only high-end restaurants, but even very small eateries, and therefore customers from all locations love to use this app. Furthermore, there are options that can match various price ranges as well.

It has live tracking

In Grubhub, the customer can also enjoy easy live tracking of their order. The live tracking feature is available in the app itself. In addition to the live tracking feature, the customer will also be updated about their order through various push notifications. The customer can also choose the format of push notifications that they want to receive in the app.

Several payment methods are available

Once the customer adds the items for their order, they can pay for their order through a number of payment methods. For example, they can use conventional methods like credit cards, debit cards and net banking. They can also use newer forms of payment such as Apple pay, Google pay and even Venmo. Gift cards and promo codes can also be used to pay.

Grubhub has the Grubhub plus membership                                             

Grubhub has a fantastic membership plan which can be useful for any customer. This membership plan comes at a cost of $9.99 for every month and can actually help in reducing expenditure. The best advantage of this membership is the zero delivery charges for an unlimited number of orders, in addition to the many perks and rewards.

It comes with smart filters

The Grubhub app is also fitted with several smart filters which makes searching for food options an easy chore. The filters in the app can be set to bring out options relating to certain cuisines as per the customer’s personal choices. The customer can also type in their search term in the search bar given.

The customer support is excellent

One of the best parts about Grubhub is the customer support. In case the customer faces an issue, the customer support of Grubhub will be on standby to respond to them in any way. For those customers who are members of Grubhub, they will be handed over to the Elite customer care support who resolves issues almost immediately.

It has a rush order feature

Furthermore, there is also a rush order feature in Grubhub for those who want their food as soon as possible. The rush order in Grubhub can be placed with the payment of a small extra fee. When this type of order is placed in the app, the delivery driver will pick up their order and deliver it to them directly without stopping for any other assignments.

Best alternatives to Grubhub

If you are looking for alternatives to Grubhub that have many of the same features, you can use the options mentioned below:

  • Uber Eats: Uber Eats is definitely the top best alternative to Grubhub and comes with a unique membership program called Eats Pass.
  • DoorDash: DoorDash is another great alternative to Grubhub. In DoorDash, the customer can even find options for DoubleDashing through which they can save money.
  • Zomato: Zomato is an Indian-origin food delivery app which brings a range of options to the customer and also comes stocked with multiple payment options.

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The following blogpost has explained what Grubhub perks are. Furthermore, we have also checked out the main features which are present in Grubhub, which make it such an easy app to use. Finally, we have listed the best alternatives to Grubhub which offer many similar features, and are present in the market today.

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