This article will answer what kind of income is Uber Eats. We will also explain various ways through which Uber Eats drivers can make more money in this gig. Finally, we will discuss how Uber Eats actually makes money for its profit. Uber Eats is not only great for customers but also a superb choice for delivery drivers.

What kind of income is Uber Eats?

The income through Uber Eats for delivery drivers is considered self-employment and thus the drivers need to do their own taxes. Uber Eats does not consider its delivery drivers to be full-time or part-time employees. Instead, they are called independent contractors or basically gig workers and are paid according to the number of delivery requests they complete.

How can Uber Eats drivers make more money?

The job for Uber Eats drivers is pretty straightforward. However, there are many small nuances in the job which can bring the delivery driver more money for lesser effort. Some ways through which Uber Eats drivers can make more money in this gig have been discussed in the following points.

By being near hotspots

In Uber Eats, hotspots refer to areas which have a large percentage of restaurants. By staying close to these hotspots, the drivers are bound to get more delivery requests which mean more money. If the delivery driver is unable to find a hotspot, they can simply raise a complaint with the app after which they will be sent a link to the nearest available hotspots.

By delivering during peak hours

Uber Eats drivers can also earn a lot more money by delivering during peak hours. Peak hours or busy hours are usually lunch hours during weekdays and even dinner times. Friday evenings and Saturday nights also see an increase in demand for food delivery. The pay rate may also be increased during these hours.

By waiting for Boost Promotions

Boost Promotions in Uber Eats come around certain events like concerts or ball games. During these promotions, the pay rates for the Uber Eats drivers can be multiplied by up to three times which mean better earnings for the drivers. Uber Eats will automatically update the delivery driver about any upcoming Boost Promotions.

By using a food delivery bag

Uber Eats delivery drivers get a lot of their income through the tips given by the customer. One way to ensure better tips from the customer is by using a food delivery bag. This insulated bag will guarantee that the hot food remains hot and the cold food remains cold for the customer who will definitely be more pleased with the service. Thus, they are bound to give more tips.

By delivering for multiple apps

Uber Eats drivers are not required to only work for this platform. They can earn additional income through many other jobs as well. Most delivery drivers deliver for more than just one app. Drivers who sign up for multiple On-Demand food delivery or grocery delivery apps can earn more in bonuses as well as incentives.

By completing Quests

Uber Eats gives out certain Quests for its delivery drivers to complete. These Quests in Uber Eats refer to a certain number of delivery requests in a specific amount of time. When the delivery drivers complete the Quests, they will receive bonuses from Uber Eats and also incentives in the form of discounts at certain restaurants.

By practicing good customer service

The Uber Eats delivery driver also needs to practice great customer service. This means being polite and kind to the customer at all times. The customer service from the delivery driver also means alerting the user of any delays or changes in the food order proceedings well ahead of time. This can translate positively in the tips that the delivery driver receives.

How Uber Eats makes money?

Uber Eats and other On-Demand food delivery apps have always been called a losing business. However, Uber Eats still manages to bring in revenue year after year and is certainly growing in popularity. The different ways through which Uber Eats makes money are:

  • Uber Eats makes a sizable chunk of its revenue from its restaurant partners. According to sources, Uber Eats takes a thirty percent cut of the fee paid by the customer to the restaurant. Even if it may be a loss for the restaurant, more and more merchants still partner with Uber Eats as they see a hike in sales.
  • Uber Eats charges a delivery fee for its customers in addition to many other fees that they need to pay. The app also charges the customers a service fee of 10% of 15% of the order subtotal which completely goes towards Uber Eats. 

The small order fee, the cancellation fee, the delivery adjustment fee, the priority fee and the busy fee also go towards Uber Eats.

  • Uber Eats also makes money through its special partnerships. The app teams up with certain restaurant chains like McDonalds through which promotions are run for more customers to place orders. Because of these partnerships, the customers in Uber Eats will get certain promo codes and discounts.


This article has answered what kind of income is Uber Eats. We have also explained various ways through which Uber Eats drivers can make more money in this gig. Finally, we have discussed how Uber Eats actually makes money for its profit.

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